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Below you will find the Libraries Open Publishing monographs catalog. All copyrights are retained by individual authors and editors and, unless otherwise noted, are licensed under a Creative Commons license. Monographs are submitted for review using our publishing proposal on the Publish with Us page.  Each monograph is reviewed by our Library Publishing Board for scholarly importance and impact, and to ensure that is has gone through an appropriate peer review process before moving forward with publication.

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Back Into the Future of Immigration

Title page for the Back Into the Future of Immigration publication

Back Into the Future of Immigration is a collection of essays written by some of the current and past students of the Penn State Law Center for Immigrants' Rights Clinic, many of whom now work as immigration attorneys in large law firms, as solo practitioners, for non-profit organizations, and in the federal government. The mission of the clinic is to advance immigrants’ rights through legal excellence, advocacy, education, and collaboration with key stakeholders on immigration law and policy, and this monograph showcases some of the projects and cases students have worked on during their time at the Clinic and the impact they have made to individuals, institutions, and the community. Importantly, these essays also reveal how the authors’ personal experiences have shaped how they entered law school and how they define themselves as lawyers. Readers are invited to taste the sweat, blood, and heart of gold it takes to work in the immigration space — especially in a climate of ever changing policy and heightened uncertainty about the future.

Transdisciplinary Inquiry, Practice, and Possibilities in Art Education: Proceedings from The Penn State Seminar @50

The Penn State Seminar in Art Education: 50 Years of Transdisciplinary Inquiry, Practice, and Possibilities (April 1-3, 2016) convened a group of prominent and rising scholars who represent the field of art education from other institutions as well as colleagues from across the Penn State campus in related areas, for featured papers, roundtable presentations, and breakout sessions. The conference was positioned among a series of events and projects sponsored by the Art Education Program at Penn State to commemorate the 1965 Seminar in Art Education for Research and Curriculum Development. The conference invited scholars to revisit visions of art education established a half century ago and to consider emerging issues and directions in the field in the contemporary moment in 2016. The Proceedings Editing Committee kindly offers the following articles and transcripts representative of the addresses and events that occurred during the conference, but is not comprehensive as to the full offering at the conference. Manuscripts are organized as to their chronological order as it occurred in the conference.

Making Documentary Film: Frederick Wiseman and His Collaborators

Picture of Frederick Wiseman with a black background.

Making Documentary Film contains transcriptions of interviews with Frederick Wiseman’s cinematographers and his advocate at WNET-Channel 13 before, during and after filmmaking, building on the authors’ extensive research into and criticism of Wiseman’s films and working methods.

The Future of Foster Care: New Science on Old Problems

Image of family at sunset.

The Future of Foster Care: New Science on Old Problems is a collection of expanded conference proceedings from the Child Maltreatment Solutions Network 2019 conference.